Technology Advances

Cake Energy management combined their resources with recognized experts in powder fuel technology and energy recuperation. A combination of experience in energy recovery and renewable energy systems has successfully developed, proved, and multi-patented a unique process that meets and exceeds every identified requirement for the elimination of sludge in an environmentally harmonious way. While the system is unique, the technology is grounded in engineering principles than have been in commercial operation for 100 years or more. These principles are now being applied to the elimination of human and animal waste.

It is a totally enclosed thermal system that operates at ambient pressure, and solely on the fuel it creates. No outside fuels are utilized except for the initial start up operation.

Three Modular units, the H-1, H-2 and H-3 provide variable capacities for finite sizing for each installation. As populations grow additional modules can be readily installed to meet demand. The footprint for each module is a modest 50’x 50’- (2,500 SF).

Technology Accomplishments

The energy cost for drying sludge has been significantly reduced, almost eliminated.

The full benefit of all resident energy is now realized and excess sterile fuel becomes available for other uses, i.e. Power generation, Thermal heating or Organic fertilizer.

The energy in the waste accomplishes the sterilization of toxins to comply with International clean air standards for sewage sludge gasses.

The system is fully automated for 24/7 operation and requires safety supervision only. Periodic preventative maintenance assures minimal operational down time. s.

Water recovery and sterilization is a standard process on all three models.