The Duplex Integrated Bio-solid Solution (DIBS) technology creates commercially viable and valuable by-products in the form of:

  1. Recycled water, 132 gallons of each ton of sludge processed.
  2. Sterile combustion ash/sand, 43lb off each ton of sludge processed.
  3. Biogenic fuel with energy equivalent of 3500 CF of Natural Gas off each ton of wet sludge.

Each system is configured around three basic drying modules, and sized to suit the needs of each wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The 50’x 50’ footprint facilitates easy installation within the WWTP. Each installation is properly sized to meet current sludge output. Modules are added as growth demands.

The adoption of power generating capabilities can make each installation, energy neutral.

In general, the compact footprint, coupled with an internal fuel producing capability, ensures a low economical cost of operation and a rapid return of investment.