The Paradigm

Cake Energy introduces a new paradigm in the technology of recovering resident energy from human and animal digestive waste. It sets a new standard in efficiency for low cost conversion of waste into a usable biogenic fuel.

The technology eliminates bio-waste and produces three reusable byproducts,

  • Biogenic fuel - Clean clear water - Sterile Sand.

The core of our technology is a proprietary flash dryer that removes 96% of the resident moisture from the sludge being processed, without the use of external fuels.

The DIBS technology achieves efficiency in energy recovery in excess of 90% allowing the process to operate on the very waste it is eliminating, and still recover more energy per pound of waste material than competing energy conversion technologies.

The beneficiaries of this technology are public and privately owned treatment works that hold a strong motive to eliminate toxic waste, reduce the associated cost of disposal, and turn a liability into an asset.

Economy related revenue short falls leaves many publicly owned treatment works (POTW’s) with increasing financial constraints and unwilling to consider new more efficient technologies even in the face of rising environmental and liability costs. Now they have a choice heretofore unavailable.

While cash reserves may be low or even depleted, all communities pay for services through user fees within cash flow capability. Cake Energy has multiple business models to accommodate all situations and opens an opportunity for POTW’s to take advantage of the DIBS technology with current cash flow. Additional opportunities will be available for WWTP’s to share in the utility savings and earnings created from valuable by-products.

Sewage sludge is possibly the most sustainable energy resource on earth.