Sewage sludge - A Valuable Source of Clean Water

As world water supplies become hard pressed and an adequate potable water supply is becoming of greater importance to all nations, it is imperative that systems which reduce the amount of water treatment required, and increase the recovery and reuse of water, be developed and universally adopted

Studies on the quantity of potable water used for the conveying of waste have shown that sewage sludge contaminates more than half of all water cleaned for human consumption. The wastewater results from the process of conveying the contaminated solids to the treatment plant. Sludge emanating from a treatment plant is usually about 80% water, it is highly contaminated and a major contributor to ground water contamination in every location at which the sludge is dumped.

The DIBS Technology will recover 55% to 65% of all water in Sewage sludge, that’s approximately 9.6 billion gallons per year just in America.

“we use the biogenic renewable fuel made from sewage sludge, to sterilize and clean the water recovered from sewage sludge”