Company Profile

In response to the global movement toward alternate energy fuels, and a significant increase in human and animal pollutants in our natural water supplies, the principals of Cake Energy secured exclusive rights to a unique technology developed by a highly qualified team of alternate energy systems engineers.

This partnership now brings decades of experience in energy recovery and power generation from waste material through a multi-patented Technology, under the leadership of Cake Energy.

At Cake Energy, our primary goal is to provide government and private industry a viable cost reducing solution to waste elimination and energy recovery through the application of the Duplex Integrated Bio-solids Solution technology.

If a decision is being made to replace aging inefficient sewage treatment and sludge removal systems with modern technology, and the desire is to eliminate waste by-product and reduce energy usage, then adopting the Cake Energy technology makes good business, financial and environmental sense.

Natural materials that combust when dry have resident energy, most of which is not recovered and is lost forever.

Fecal waste from man and animal is a material that pollutes our land, contaminates our waterways and destroys our oceans. Since the days of early man it has been dried and used as a high energy fuel.

World population grows by the minute, and a natural bodily function of man and animal provides a rich energy resource or a vial contaminant, it’s up to man to decide.

Sewage sludge is possibly the most sustainable energy resource in the world.

Cake Energy, LLC sets a new industry standard for how it is handled.

Cake Energy
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