The Vision
  • Recover resident energy in sewage sludge for commercial use.
  • Recover wasted water and sterilize for recycle.
  • Convert sewage sludge into a clean Bio-Genic fuel for use as a clean renewable fuel.
  • Use the fuel for the operating energy.
The Movement
  • Duplex Integrated Bio-solids solution (DIBS) is a technology for the conversion of sewage sludge and other bio-genic waste materials into a clean burning renewable fuel.
  • Bio-refinery technology recovers resident energy from bio-genic and carbonaceous waste material, not derived from fossil fuel, with a multi patented totally enclosed thermo-mechanical drying technology.
  • To eliminate sewage sludge, recover clean clear sterilized water, and stop unnecessary soil and free water contamination.
“We use sewage sludge to convert sewage sludge into a clean renewable fuel”